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Welcome to
Thirsty Bird Pumpjack Sales & Service

At Thirsty Bird we carry a large selection of oilfield supplies. From pipe, valves and fittings to downhole supplies and specialized tools. We can take care of everything from your common use items like packing, belts and sheaves right up to building custom artificial lift technology solutions. We’re ready to provide tailored solutions to your production challenges.

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Thirsty Bird provides cutting edge technology with the experience and support to back it up, years ahead of the competition. Extensive hands on experience with artificial lift manufacturing, from the manufacturing floor, through supply chain right to field implementation.

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Competitive Prices. Superior Product. Customer Service, as it should be. Not to mention our strong support of community.

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We are a member of Comply Works, Avetta, ISNetworld and we are in the process of being SECOR certified.

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Our customers are the reason we are here today. Call us anytime.

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Sales 7am - 5pm