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Oilfield Supply | Pipe Valve and Fittings

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Here at Thirsty Bird we stock a large selection of pipe, valves, flanges, fittings, downhole supplies, belts, sheaves, hubs, bearings, and general day to day supplies.


• Size ½” – 36”
• Schedule 10 – XXH
• Carbon Steel (A53, A106, A333)
• Stainless Steel (304 and 316)
• High Yield (GR359 and Allov)

Pipe hangers and supports
Large selection available (contact us today for your special request.)


(manufacturer list coming soon)

• Floating and trunnion mounted ball valves
• Piston and swing check valves
• Butterfly valves
• Gate valves
• Globe valves
• Cryogenic valves
• Needle valves
• Instrument valves
• Cast and forged bodies
• Carbon and stainless steel
• Metal and soft seats


• Size ½” – 36”
• Schedule 10 – XXH
• Carbon Steel (A105 and A350-LF2)
• Stainless Steel (304 and 316)
• High Yield (GR 359 and above)
• Raised Face, Ring Joint, Slip On, Blind Flange

Weld fittings
• Size ½” – 36”+
• Schedule 10 – XXH
• Carbon Steel (A106 and A333)
• Stainless Steel (304 and 316)
• High Yield (GR359 and above)

Forged fittings
• Size 1/8” – 3”
• Pressure Rating 2000, 3000, 6000+
• Carbon Steel (A105 and A350-LF2)
• Stainless Steel (304 and 316)
• Threaded and Socket Weld

• Size 1/8” – 4”
• Schedule 10 – XXH
• Carbon Steel (A106, A333)
• Stainless Steel (316)
Threaded, welded, and grooved end connections


• Charts
• Pens
• Paints
• Lubricants
• Gloves and safety supplies
• Rags and absorbents
• Bulk oils and chemicals
• Camlocks and hoses
• 1” through 6”
• Aluminum, stainless, brass
• All size combinations
• Fluid transfer, hydraulic, stainless steal braid, slinky hose, and much more

Studs nuts and gaskets
• B7M, B7, L7, L7M, stainless steel studs
• Standard and custom lengths available
• Hex bolts, washers, specialty products

Bolt Up Kits Available
All kits include gasket (spiral wound or custom), studs, nuts.

Gaskets, flex, ring, and custom
• Compressed non-asbestos
• Neoprene
• Red Rubber
• Viton
• Neoprene/Nylon
• Buna
• Graphoil
• Expandable PTFE
• Filled PTFE


Oil Lift – Rod Lock
Apergy's Rod Lock® composite pumping tee allows for safe and secure surface equipment servicing without a workover rig. A combination flow tee end and BOP, the Rod Lock clamps onto the polished rod and prevents it from moving—without the need for a winch line.
The Rod Lock suspends the polished rod and complete rod string while safely isolating tubing pressure in the well. As a result, stuffing box service, belt replacement, drive removal and stroke length changes are more simple and safe.
The system is rated at 25,000 pounds of polished rod weight, based on 800 ft-lb torque on clamp bolts, and the proof load is 40,000 pounds without slipping. The system’s BOP seals are rated at 3,000 psi.
Available in configurations including single ram, dual ram and coiled tubing side entry, the Rod Lock provides several operational benefits:
• Reduced lifecycle costs. A technician can service a top-mounted stuffing box, without the need for a crane truck or a rig.
• Enhanced safety. The Rod Lock avoids the need for someone to work under a suspended drive head to install or remove a hinged polished rod clamp. It also eliminates the need to suspend a PC drive on the winch line while holding the polished rod weight on the draw works line.
• Minimal environmental impact. The Rod Lock allows for the servicing of a stuffing box or drive head on a live well, without gas or liquid leakage.

Stuffing boxes, pollution control & self aligning
Rod rotators, T252, T302, T303
Pumping tees, combination, rod lock (PCP and RRP applications)
Blow out preventors
Chemical pumps

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