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Let’s face it - as demand grows so does the constant duress and unrelenting strain on our equipment. The use of lubricant compounds is invaluable for effective operation under such extreme pressure situations. Thirsty Bird now carries a line of products to up your lubrication game.

Formulated with inorganic IFWS2 fullerene like nano-particles it offers unprecedented lubrication and wear reducing properties. These particles known as “Bucky-balls” fill the asperities and irregular surface forming a protective mono layer on metal surfaces reducing wear and friction. This means our oils and grease won’t break down like conventional lubricants.

What do these “super lubricants” mean for you?

- Increases Lifetime of Oil

- Improves Mechanical Performance by Reducing Wear and Friction

- Greater Energy Efficiency

- Reduced Fuel Consumption

- Increased Horsepower

- Decreased Engine Noise

- Extends Machine Life with Lower Downtime and Longer Service Cycles

- User Safe, Environmentally Friendly and Reduces Harmful Emissions

Our goal is to help customers take control and fully optimize their lubricants. With proper sampling and data, we can help you achieve your best results. It is our belief that a very significant dollar amount is wasted every year on premature and/or lack of proper maintenance. We can help tailor a solution for your needs. It is a “win-win” for your bottom line, as well as for the environment.

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Product Lineup:

PJ-100 Nanotech Synthetic Blend Gear Oil

Thirsty Bird NanoTech Gear Oil PJ-100 is formulated especially for pumpjack gearboxes and suitable for any other type of enclosed industrial gear drives where an extreme pressure gear oil is specified. PJ-100 provides superior stability and good pump ability at low temperatures. Thirsty Bird NanoTech Gear Oil maintains film strength, viscosity, remains tacky and clings to gears in high operating temperatures for extended periods. PJ-100 is a high-performance gear oil with outstanding antifriction and load-carrying properties for optimal pumpjack operations year-round.

• Reduces operating and maintenance costs
• Maintains superior stability and good pump ability at low temperatures • Withstands high operating temperatures for longer periods
• Minimizes equipment noise
• Extends oil drain intervals
• Increases equipment life & improves efficiency


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RD-100 Nanotech Synthetic Blend Rock Drill Fluid

Thirsty Bird NanoTech Rock Drill Fluid RD-100 designed for the lubrication and cooling of the internal mechanisms and moving parts of the pneumatic drilling equipment operated in harsh environments. In combination with the additives package, which includes tackiness, rust, and corrosion inhibitors, and emulsifiers, RD-100 protects metal surfaces and oil seals from rust, varnish, sludge, and other damaging deposits. Thirsty Bird NanoTech Rock Drill Fluid RD-100 has also been used successfully in saltwater injection plunger pumps.

• Protects metal surfaces
• Increases equipment life
• Improves efficiency
• Minimizes downtime
• Lowers energy consumption


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AC-1000 AW/AF Oil Additive

Recommended for use when you want to enhance the Anti-Wear and Anti-Friction properties of your gasoline engine oil. Can be used as a component to formulate top-up additive or as a stand alone booster to engine oil.


• Anti-Friction (AF), and Anti-Wear (AW) properties • Compatible with both mineral and synthetic oils • Reduce Fuel Consumption
• Increase Horse Power
• Decrease Engine Noise
• Lower Harmful Emissions
• Extend Engine Life



AC-1100 AW/AF Oil Additive

To enhance Anti-Wear, Anti-Friction properties and extend life of a diesel engine oil up to three times. As a result your engine life would be extended as well. Specially formulated for trucks, mining dump trucks, buses, marine engines, diesel power generators to boost the performance of all type of diesel engines.


• Extend life of diesel engine oil
• Reduce Fuel Consumption
• Increase Horse Power
• Decrease Engine Noise
• Lower Harmful Emissions
• Anti-Friction (AF), and Anti-Wear (AW) properties
• Compatible with both mineral and synthetic oils
• Can be used as part of the additives package for fully-formulated ready to use engine oil or as a top up after market product
• Reduce friction between piston and liner in engines
• Reduce camshaft wear



IC-3100 AW/AF/EP Oil Additive

A high performing industrial oil tribological package. To be used for the formulation of gear oils, metalworking fluids, chain oils, etc. Outstanding EP/AW/AF and anti-oxidation properties at a low treat rate

• Excellent Extreme Pressure protection
• Very low wear even under high load
• Reduce coefficient of friction
• Prevents micro pitting and surface fatigue
• Shock absorbing properties
• Anti oxidation and corrosion inhibiting properties



HT-1000 Nanotech Synthetic Blend Tractor Fluid

Thirsty Bird NanoTech Tractor Fluid HT-1000 is designed and recommended for use in tractors, as well as in all other kinds of agricultural equipment, and off-highway machinery where transmissions, final drives, wet brakes and hydraulics are supplied from a common fluid reservoir. NanoTech Tractor Fluid delivers exceptional performance even when subjected to harsh conditions. HT-1000 provides smooth shifting and offers long term, trouble free service in high-torque, and high output applications for all-seasons operations.

• Unique synthetic formulation resists fluid breakdown at high loads and extreme temperatures
• Outstanding EP properties and anti-friction properties
• Protects metal surfaces from scuffing, wear & rust
• Extends equipment life
• Can replace multiple products
• Lowers overall operating costs


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